Material List for Log Garage Packages


  • Double  2X6 Pressure Treated Sill With 6” Foam Sill Sealer
  • 6X8 Kiln Dried D-Shape Pine Logs
  • Sikaflex® Adhesive Sealant, Foam Gasket, Pre-cut Hardwood Splines, And 3/8” X 10”    Lag Screws With Washers
  • Pre-mortised Butt And Pass Corners
  • 2X4 K.D. Spruce Window And Door Bucks
  • 2X8 Pine Log Siding For Skirt Board

Second Floor

  • 2X4 K.D. Spruce Plates And Studs
  • 2X8 K.D. Spruce Headers
  • 1/2” CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing With  Typar® Air Barrier
  • 2X4 #2 Pine Window Trim 
  • 2X8 Pine Log Siding

SECOND FLOOR ASSEMBLY    ( If Applicable )

  • Triple 2X8 K.D. Spruce Girder On 6X6 Pressure Treated Posts
  • 2X8 K.D. Spruce Joists
  • 2X8 K.D. Spruce Box Frame And Solid Bridging
  • Joist Hangers ( As Required )
  • 5/8” 4X8 CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing
  • 2X12 K.D. Spruce Stair Stringers  With 2X10 K.D. Spruce Treads
  • 2X4 K.D. Spruce Railings

ROOF FRAME ASSEMBLY   ( Varies By Model )

Conventional Rafter System

  • 2X8 K.D. Spruce Rafters With 2X10 K.D. Spruce Ridge
  • 2X6 K.D. Spruce Ceiling Joists
  • 2X4 K.D. Spruce Gable Overhangs And Soffit Returns
  • 5/8” CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing

Roof  Truss System

  • Manufactured Roof Trusses
  • 2x4 K.D. Spruce Truss Braces
  • 2X4 K.D. Spruce Gable Overhangs And Soffit Returns
  • 5/8” CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing


  • 8” Drip Edge And 15 lb. Felt Paper
  • Limited Lifetime Architectural  Roof  Shingles


  • 1X3 Over 1X6 #2 Pine Fascia
  • 1X4 And 1X8 #2 Pine  Eave Soffit With Soffit Vent Strip, And  1X12 #2 Pine Gable Soffit
  • 5/4 X4 #2 Pine Window And Door Trim


  • Therma-Tru® Steel Insulated Entry Door With Insulated Glass And  Lockset
  • Pella® 450 Pro-Line®  Aluminum Clad Wood Windows  With Screens And Muntins
  • 9X7 Holmes® Insulated Overhead Doors


  • All Nails And Fasteners