Material List for Log Garage Packages

Exterior Walls
•Double  2X6 Pressure Treated Sill With 6” Foam Sill Sealer
•6X8 Kiln Dried D-Shape Pine Logs
Sikaflex® Adhesive Sealant, Foam Gasket, Pre-cut Hardwood Splines, And 3/8” X 10”    Lag Screws With Washers
•Pre-mortised Butt And Pass Corners
•2X4 K.D. Spruce Window And Door Bucks
•2X8 Pine Log Siding For Skirt Board
Second Floor
•2X4 K.D. Spruce Plates And Studs
•2X8 K.D. Spruce Headers
•1/2” CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing With  Typar® Air Barrier
•2X4 #2 Pine Window Trim
•2X8 Pine Log Siding

Second Floor Assembly  ( If Applicable )
•Triple 2X8 K.D. Spruce Girder On 6X6 Pressure Treated Posts
•2X8 K.D. Spruce Joists
•2X8 K.D. Spruce Box Frame And Solid Bridging
•Joist Hangers ( As Required )
•5/8” 4X8 CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing
•2X12 K.D. Spruce Stair Stringers  With 2X10 K.D. Spruce Treads
•2X4 K.D. Spruce Railings

Roof Frame Assembly   ( Varies By Model )

Conventional Rafter System
•2X8 K.D. Spruce Rafters With 2X10 K.D. Spruce Ridge
•2X6 K.D. Spruce Ceiling Joists
•2X4 K.D. Spruce Gable Overhangs And Soffit Returns
•5/8” CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing
Roof  Truss System
•Manufactured Roof Trusses
•2×4 K.D. Spruce Truss Braces
•2X4 K.D. Spruce Gable Overhangs And Soffit Returns
•5/8” CDX Fir Plywood Sheathing

Roof Deck
•8” Drip Edge And 15 lb. Felt Paper
•Limited Lifetime Architectural  Roof  Shingles

Exterior Trim
•1X3 Over 1X6 #2 Pine Fascia
•1X4 And 1X8 #2 Pine  Eave Soffit With Soffit Vent Strip, And  1X12 #2 Pine Gable Soffit
•5/4 X4 #2 Pine Window And Door Trim

Exterior Doors & Windows
Therma-Tru® Steel Insulated Entry Door With Insulated Glass And  Lockset
Pella® Lifestyle  Aluminum Clad Wood Windows  With Screens And Muntins
•9X7 Holmes® Insulated Overhead Doors

Miscellaneous Items
•All Nails And Fasteners


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