Our Cabin Series

Combining comfort and quality to maximize space as well as your budget.


14’x16′ cabin with a farmer’s porch The little cabin with all the rustic tradition. Perfect for a quiet retreat, you’ll enjoy a peaceful get-away in this natural beauty. The 14’x16′ cabin includes a 5’x16′ farmer’s porch.

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Pack your gear and head to this 16’x20′ cabin for a weekend of hunting or fishing. A 6’x16′ covered porch completes the Eden package.

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Don’t let the simplicity of the Etna fool you. This spacious 18’x20′ cabin is ideal for any outdoor adventure, free of commotion and stress. A 10’x18′ loft provides extra sleeping room.

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Whether you’re by the water or in a secluded location the 18’x24′ Milo has it all, including a 12’x18′ sleeping loft and a 6’x24′ farmer’s porch.

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With a 204 sq. ft. L-shaped sleeping loft, the 20’x32′ Saco has lots of room for family and friends. Sit back and enjoy the view from a large 6’x32′ farmer’s porch.

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If you are looking for solitude and comfort, you’ll love the great Stow vacation cabin, with its 20’x24′ living area, large 12’x20′ sleeping loft and 6’x20′ covered porch.

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