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Construction of Complete Packages


Maine Log Homes’ Complete Packages:


Maine Pine Log Homes offer the most complete building packages.


Using the finest building materials and the latest techniques, we have compiled the products necessary for a durable, economical and attractive log home that will be a source of pride for many generations.

Walls: 6″ x 8″ tongue and groove logs are secured with 10″ screw fasteners or lag bolts. Precut hardwood splines, foam gaskets, and caulking ensure weather tightness. Log corners are pre-machined in our factory to save you time on the job site.

Floor Systems: The first-floor system includes all the framing and sheathing above the foundation. Second Level, where applicable: Exposed Hemlock beams with flawless tongue and groove solid pine flooring.

Roof System: Will vary with the plan or custom features you choose. Exposed beams or rafter/trusses with pine ceiling. Various insulation options are available. Roof surfaces are plywood sheathed with class-A fiberglass roof shingles. Drip edge and ventilation products are provided.